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Dublin School of Architecture Press
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UTOPIA 7 is a published a study of utopian settlements in Ireland by students in the Dublin School of Architecture.

UTOPIA 7 is a published a study of utopian settlements in Ireland by students in the Dublin School of Architecture. Each student identified one village to study, which was then visited, researched, and mapped, while studying international precedents and the theoretical underpinnings of utopian ideologies. The subject is far from exhausted with many worthy candidates such as the Quaker influenced town of Mountmellick and the Rev. Nangle’s Protestant Missionary Settlement at Achill Island regrettably omitted. The articles are edited extracts from the students’ more comprehensive dissertations.




The Quakers in Early Irish Social Reform

Andrew Ó Murchú

Social Structure of Moravian Villages: An Examination of the Orthogonal Planning of Gracehill and similar Moravian Villages in Europe

Michelle Diver


Memory and Place

Andrew Sterritt


The Portlaw Roof Truss: A Historic and Architectural Investigation of the Portlaw Roof

Niamh Denny


Social, Urban and Architectural Innovations: An exploration of infrastructure and housing developments in the model villages of Bessbrook and Portlaw

Hannah Crehan


Religious and Utopian Socialist Ideology: An investigation into the presence of Religious and Utopian Socialist ideologies within planned villages of the early 19th century; which focuses on New Lanark and Sion Mills

Alice Clarke


A Famine Relief Village: A Relief Village built around Individuals and Fair Wages rather than Institutions and Charity

Ronan Lonergan


Quaker Influence

Mike Haslam



Miriam Delaney

Editor: Miriam Delaney.

Authors: Gillian Darley, Andrew Ó Murchú, Michelle Diver, Andrew Sterritt, Niamh Denny, Hannah Crehan, Alice Clarke, Ronan Lonergan, Mike Haslam.

Letterfrack, Clara, Gracehill, Sion Mills, Ballitore, Bessbrook, Portlaw, utopian religious communities, utopian village, Quakers, Moravian, Shakers, Fulneck, Fairfield, religion, religious, settlements, Christian, Herrnhut, Quaker village, Abraham Shackleton, Mary Leadbeater, French Revolution, Enlightenment, activisit utopia, Kildare, The Religious Society of Friends, market building, tannery, meeting house, school, Antrim, Herrnhaag, square, church, gendered divide, boarding school, weaving factory, town planning, Clara, Offaly, cooperative living, utopian archetype, strata, stratification, planned town, Charlestown, Clashawaun, mill, Brusna, Stirabout, Inchmore, Drayton Villa, Ballycumber, Erry Mill, Street Mill, Jute factory, Malcolmson Industry, John Skipton Mulvany, industrial town, Waterford, workers’ cottages, `workers’ houses, bowstring truss, Bessbrook, Armagh, Blarney, Cork, Harold’s Cross, Dublin, Herne, Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Clonmel, Tipperary, Carrick-on-Suir, John Grubb Richardson, Derramore, Model Village, utopian industrialism, George Cadbury, Bournville, Titus Salt, Saltaire, Lever, Port Sunlight, Rowntree, New Earswick, Sion Mills, Presbyterian, Tyrone, Herdman bothers, Great Famine, mill, New Lanark, Scotland, Utopian Socialism, Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, Henri de Saint-Simon, Activist Utopia, New Harmony, Galway, James Ellis, Mary Ellis, Connemara, Irish Famine, Quaker Central Relief Committee, workhouse, Famine workhouse, John Woolman, Quaker, Churchtown, Dublin, Edenderry, settlement, Cloughjordan, Ballitore, Eco village, Mountmellick, Rev. Nangle’s Protestant Missionary Settlement at Achill Island

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