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The Relative Importance of Elements of Low Rise Housing Environments

An Foras Forbartha
€ 7.95 EUR

This working paper documents research undertaken to discover residents’ views on their housing environments to identify those elements associated with overall satisfaction and to make such information available to designers and policy makers.

A major objective of the research outlined in this publication was to identify and measure physical, social, and resident characteristics contributing to user satisfaction with single-family housing environments. The sample included residents of seventeen low-rise developments built by local authorities for low-income families.





Characteristics of Respondents


Level of Complaint
Level of Importance
Level of Importance Compared with Level of Complaint
Satisfaction Level
Comparison of Satisfaction Level with Complaint Level and Importance Level


Discussion and Conclusion





1. Complaint Levels of Elements
2. Importance Levels of Elements
3. Complaint Levels with Deviations Greater than 1 S.D.
4. Number of Cases for Satisfaction Level Correlations

Tables Included in Text

1. Ranking of Complaint Level and Importance Level
2. Correlating the Ranking Orders of Level of Importance Scores
3. Relationship of Elements of General Satisfaction
4. Correlation Co-efficient of the Ranking Order of Satisfaction
Satisfaction Scores for Aggregate v each City and each City v each other
6. Ranking Orders of Elements by Complaint and Satisfaction Levels
7. Ranking Orders of Elements by Importance and Satisfaction Levels

Author: Ray Mulvihill.

Planning division working paper, housing user satisfaction, relative importance of elements, low rise, housing complaint level, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Estate Appearance, Vandalism, Play, Back Garden, School, Front Garden, Rent, Shops, Work Convenience, Traffic, Census, Tomas O’Beirne, The estate outside the dwelling, Journal of Architectural Research, American Journal of Sociology, Urban Studies, Encounter, Environment Planning,

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