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Regional Planning: a review of regional studies

An Foras Forbartha
€ 7.95 

Carried out by An Foras Forbartha, this study was conducted to develop linkages between local, regional, and national planning, particularly investigating how regional plans can be suitable as a framework for local plans; to establish to what extent proposals in the regional plan are consistent with national plans and other regional plans; to identify the more significant and implementable recommendations in the regional plans; to assess the suitability of the approach and methodologies adopted in relation to the objectives in the regional plan; and to compile a national strategy on the basis of the regional plans.



List of Tables




Part I – Regional Plans: Their Character

The Regional Plans
Scope of the Plans
               Report Structure
               Subject Areas Covered
               Variables Analysed
Plan Objectives
Data Source and Usage
The Use of Techniques
Population Projections
               Methods Used
Other Projections
               Methods Used
Area Related Policies
Cost Estimates

Part II – Regional Plans as a Framework for Development Plans

               Population Projections and Settlement Strategy
               Economic Parameters
               Policy Map
Linkages in Practice
               Evidence of Linkages in Regional Plans
Evidence of Linkages in Development Plans


Part III – Regional Plans and a National Plan

Linkages with National Planning
               Population Projections
Employment Projections
National Roads Policy
               Public Capital Programme
Towards a National Plan


Part IV – Summary and Conclusions

Summary of Principal Findings
Towards Guidelines
               Economic Analysis
               Plan Generation
               Physical Planning Policy




Appendix I – Planning Regions


Appendix II – Variables


Appendix III – References in Development Plans to Population Projections

Authors: Henk van der Kamp, G. A. Walker.

P Barry, M Geraghty, C T Gorman, P Lalor, L Murphy, T A Smyth, J M Blackwell, Regional Development Organisations, economic, agriculture, industry, service section, table, study, analysis, tourism, population, urbanisation, infrastructure, physical, social, county, town, subregion, midlands, afforestation, preservation, post, harbour, major sanitary scheme, airport, major road proposal,

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