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Office Location and Regional Development: Proceedings of a Conference

An Foras Forbartha
€ 7.95 

Organised by the new Jury’s Hotel, Dublin, in March 1973, this publication documents the two-day conference discussing office location and regional development; reviewing the existing pattern of office location; to consider future policies; to reference practice, policies and research in Great Britain, Sweden and Norway; and to consider the essential characteristics of suitable reception centres.



List of Illustrations



Michael J. Bannon


Opening Address

M. B. Lawless


Session I - Office Employment and Regional Development in Ireland

Michael J. Bannon


Session II - Office Employment, Urban Development and Regional Policy

John Goddard


Session III – Regional Development and Government Office Relocation in the Netherlands

Jan Toby


Session IV – Communication Studies for Government Office Dispersal in Sweden

Bertil Thorngren


Session V - The Impact of Office Relocation on the Economy of the Reception Area

George Yannopoulos

Session VI - General Discussion

Authors: Dr. D. F. Moore, Michael B. Lawless, Michael J. Bannon, John Goddard, Bertil Thorngren, Jan Toby, George Yannopoulos.

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