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Empirical: 2019-2020

Dublin School of Architecture Press
€ 11.00 

Empirical is an annual architectural research journal by TU Dublin architectural technology students exploring environmental design, digitalisation, materials, and building performance. The research undertaken is always specific, evidence-based, and useful for real world application. Each year, undergraduates use a wide range of highly technical testing approaches, including credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computers to place sensors within buildings, calibrated and guarded hot boxes to measure heat and moisture transfer through new building materials, and coding to create automated design-checking systems. This yields an interesting balance of drawing, making, and synthesis through writing. The programme’s continuing commitment to empirical research design gives the publication its name.

Editor: Kirk McCormack.

Authors: William Wise, Jack Byrne, Rian Murray, Nabil Ghnewa, Kaetlin Wallace, William Troy, Darragh Logue,Joshua Boyle, Buky Fazaz, Klaudia Mroz, Alex Tracy, Darragh Ewen, Jamie Brady, Kate Essex, Robert Lyons, Colin Jackson, Alison Clarke, Ursula Kearney, Alannah Quinlan, Mark Pader, Kevin O’Halloran, Shane Dolan, Timothy Ellis, Mollie Byrne, Seán Kennelly, Kessia Vista, Aaron Nicholson.

carbon reduction research, building materials research, building accessibility research, building envelope research, building refurbishment research, design for disassembly research, building pathology research, building environment research, window and fenestration research, BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology programme, DSA, Digital Calculation, Life Cycle Analysis, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Prototype Testing, Calibrated and Guarded Hot Box Testing, Diferential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Multi-scale heat fow analysis, User Experience Role Play, Case Study, Field Observation, Structured Interview, Digital Simulation (Psi Term 2D and 3D), BS/ EN Test Method, Cost Optimality Calculation, Laboratory Testing, Scripting / Coding, Structured Literature Review, Daylighting Simulation Sofware, TU Dublin, Architectural Technology

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