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Architecture Ireland 300

Architecture Ireland Publishing Ltd.
€ 9.50 EUR

Architecture Ireland is the journal of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. Issue #300 focuses on the theme of ‘FREESPACE, La Biennale di Venezia'.



Editorial Comment

Dr Sandra O’Connell

Architecture Ireland – A Short History

Two Formers Editors Recall the Early Years

Prof J Owen Lewis and Liam Tuite

President’s Column

David Browne


RIAI Members’ Study Trip

FREESPACE - Venice Architecture Biennale

RIAI Annual Conference 2018

Leadership | Innovation | Creativity

Architects’ Code of Conduct

Frank Turvey

Education and CPD News

Sandra Campbell

Academy of Urbanism Congress

Cities on the Rise - Delivering Positive City-Region Growth

Anthony Reddy

The Doors of Castello

Shane O’Toole

Posters of the International Architecture Exhibition

Shane O’Toole

Postcards from Venice

The Needs of Venetians and Bunclodians

Paul Tierney

Memory’s Images

Ste Murray

Documenting the Biennale

Alice Clancy



Shane O’Toole

FREESPACE - Manifesto

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

Architecture as a Source of Public Goods

Paolo Baratta

Creating the Visual Identity of FREESPACE

David Smith

A Glimpse Behind the Biennale Curtain

Interview with Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Grafton Architects

Shane O’Toole

The International Architecture Exhibition Comes of Age

Shane O’Toole

Free Market - Irish Pavilion Venice Biennale

John McLaughlin

Emptying Out/Filling In

National Pavilions  at the 2018 Venice Biennale

Raymund Ryan

Weak Monument, Strong Argument

The Estonian Pavilion for FREESPACE

Emmett Scanlon

Biennale 2018: The handcraft kaleidoscope of contemporary architecture

Nichola Russi

Close Encounter: acts of fellow feeling

Hugh Campbell


Architecture & Building Expo 2018

Where innovation and creativity happens

Michael K Hayes

Technology Q&A

Why is Windtightness important?

Niall Crosson

Product News


How Architects can generate their own PR

Liz Dwyer

Architecture Plus

Stephen Mulhall

Grafton Architects

Robert McCarter

Review by Frank McDonald

Caught My Eye

Sharon O’Grady

Editor: Sandra O’Connell.

Authors: Emma Gilleece, Michael K. Hayes, Andres Avezzú, Shane O’Toole, Jeffrey Bolhuis, Dermot Boyd, David Browne, Kathryn Meghen, Jo Anne Butler, Peter Carroll, Louise Cotter, Cian Deegan, Miriam Delaney, Marc Dubois, David Hughes, Tara Kennedy, Laurence Lord, Mary McCarthy, Frank McDonald, Niall McLaughlin, Alan Mee, Harry Browne, Orla Murphy, Carole Pollard, Angela Roolfe, Christine Sisk, Kerstin Thompson, Martha Thorne, John Tuomey, Nathalie Weadick, Emmett Scanlon, Ali Grehan, Prof J Owen Lewis, Liam Tuite, David Browne, Frank Turvey, Sandra Campbell, Anthony Reddy, Paul Tierney, Ste Murray, Alice Clancy, Yvonne Farrell, Shelley McNamara, Paolo Baratta, David Smith, Shane O’Toole, John McLaughlin, Raymund Ryan, Emmett Scanlon, Nichola Russi, Hugh Campbell, Michael K Hayes, Niall Crosson, Liz Dwyer, Stephen Mulhall, Frank McDonald, Sharon O’Grady, Sandra O’Connell.

Women in Architecture, Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement, WAF, 2018 Stirling Prize, Arsenale, Giardini, Philip Vivian, Sadie Morgan, Jennifer McElwain, Exhibition, Biennale, Italy, Venice, Castello, Photo Essay, review, education, study trip, urbanism, In the mail, Proportional Tricks, Star Apartments, Saorspás, The Factory Floor, Thresholds, Collateral Events, Sounds and Vision, After-Party, A More Feminine Biennale, 1985, Free Market Square, After a Long Day’s Work, Irish Design Everywhere, Elephant in the Room, Marina Tabassum, Diversity and Craft, Immersion

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